August 11-13            Zia Rodeo.  Volunteers are appreciated to assist with clean up of Listening Horse area by lower arena

August 19                 Veterans Ride in Tulsa.  Listening Horse veterans and therapy horses will participate in a Tulsa, OK competition. Come to Tulsa for fun with the horses and help the supported rider in the arena.

September 9              NM State Fair.  Listening Horse participants and volunteers are always out in full-force for this annual event! 

September 16            Fiesta de Cerrillos.  Listening Horse volunteers assist with pony rides & presenting the colors.

September 17             Matanza.  Listening Horse participants and volunteers enjoy this annual event.

September 21             KSWV!  Gus Jolley, LH Board President, will discuss Listening Horse, LIVE on the radio show KSWV 810am, 8-8:30am, with Estevan Gonzales! 

October 1                    Annual Yard Sale.  A fun event.  Stay tuned for location!

November 3-4             Homeless Veterans Stand Down.  Listening Horse participants and volunteers support this annual event.

November 11               Veterans Day Parade.  Listening Horse volunteers, participants and therapy horses enjoy riding and walking in the annual parade.

November 15               Joe’s Dining fundraiser.  Listening Horse appreciates this restaurant’s support each year to help us reach our goals. Please join us!